Linton, Indiana Water Tower from Node 1 technologyIf you live in southwestern Indiana or southeastern Illinois and have tried getting true broadband Internet in the past with no luck, take a look no further! We service many areas in Indiana and Illinois and we are bringing high speed Internet to new communities everyday. We average an up-time of over 99.9% reliability. Weather does not affect your service and we offer unlimited usage and data on all our plans. Our service works great with Xbox, Netflix, Youtube and surfing. Our service is fed by a fiber optic connection with a direct connection to the backbone of the Internet which has very low latency which is great for voice and gaming. Our tower sites are fed with multiple connections ensuring your service is reliable and fast. We also monitor our network 24/7/365 for any issues. We have a dedicated 24/7 support number that you can call in case an issue would occur with your service. Our technicians are paid to be on call and take care of you when you need help. Our techs are local and can service you within a matter of hours not a matter of days.

We are currently offering speeds up to 15Mbps in many areas. Service prices start at
$39.99 per month with no hidden fees or taxes.

No phone lines. No hassle. No worry.

Node 1 Internet offers a convenient and affordable solution for your residential and business Internet connection. Wireless Internet eliminates the complications and limitations associated with using wires and equipment and services provided by multiple companies. Get connected and take control of your online experience! You’ll get a reliable and secure connection delivered wireless, directly to your home.

Call us today to find out more details at 812-847-7701